10 Corporate Experiences You Should be Organizing Right Now

Are you looking to do something seriously amazing for your employees or clients? Something that is going to boost their morale, get you all much closer to one another, and that will be talked about for years to come?

Planning a good corporate experience that is not just a backyard barbeque can be difficult. That’s why we are here to help. Check out this list of ten incredible options that will have your employees, team members, or clients feeling more refreshed and ready to work than ever.

Hit the Golf Course

Photo of Hole 12 Cape Wickham, King Island Tasmania

Hole 12 Cape Wickham, King Island

I know what you are thinking. Golfing is so typical, sort of a lame thing to put on what is supposed to be an incredible list. Well, golf doesn’t have to be lame or typical. Not when you live close to some of the best golfing in the world!

Why not make an entire weekend trip out of it? Head to some of the best golf courses Australia has to offer. For instance, King Island and Tasmania which have some of the newest and most breathtaking golf courses imaginable. Or what about heading over to Paradise Palms. Directly in the middle of two of the world’s natural wonders, the World Heritage Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Paradise Palms is exactly what it suggests, Paradise.  

Golfing has always been a favourite amongst businessmen and women. You might say it’s the “classic” corporate bonding experience. In fact, if you work in the business world and have never hit the green with your co-workers, you might be doing something wrong. Time to go plan this amazing golfing trip you are going to have now!

Melbourne Grand Prix

Looking for something a little faster paced? Give your team that much-needed boost of energy with Formula One. The Melbourne Grand Prix is a marvel event that is sure to get everyone excited. Something that not a lot of people around the world get to witness in person.

Tickets are already being sold for 2020 as they sell out extremely quickly. If you are already planning one corporate experience for 2019 you may as well plan another for next year, right? Now go be that amazing boss who takes his employees or clients out for one of the most thrilling and electrifying experiences of their life.

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

Adventure in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s top destinations. Just two hours away from Sydney by car, or you can easily all take the train there. Spend just one day or turn it into a weekend getaway for your team. I vote for the latter. One day won’t be enough for you and your employees or clients to get the full benefit this beautiful place has to offer.

Take in the beautiful views of the Three Sisters, visit the breathtaking underground caves, or spend your time with the many adventurous activities available. Whether it is mountain biking, white water rafting, climbing or even some horseback riding.


There are hundreds, probably thousands of places that need help from volunteers. What could feel better than spending a day or two helping one of your cities many charities? There are loads of options to choose from. Anything from helping serve the homeless, organizing donated clothes, rescuing wildlife, and heaps more.

You can even turn this into a recurring activity. Think of how great it will feel for you to spend one Wednesday afternoon every month heading over to help a charity close to your heart. Why Wednesday? Well because by Wednesday everyone is getting tired and looking forward to the weekend. It will help to break up the week and keep everyone’s motivation at it its finest.

Take a Cruise

Ever been on a cruise? How about a cruise with your colleagues? Now that would be fun. I know what you are thinking, “sounds expensive”. It doesn’t have to be an entire weekend thing, which will definitely get quite pricey. Although if you do have the budget for that, why not? I am sure everyone would highly appreciate an entire weekend cruise getaway.


Sydney Harbour Cruising

However, there are plenty of one-day trips available suited to helping you and your team bond. For instance, you can rent a private yacht to entertain you around remarkable background you’ll see whilst cruising the Sydney Harbour. Have some cocktails, catch the sun, shoot some clay pigeons, and top it all off with an enchanting 3-course dinner. Yes, you read that right, clay pigeons. What more could you ask for?

Port Douglas

With all of its natural wonders to explore, Port Douglas is a place you can never be bored. With access to the Great Barrier Reef, it has some of the best diving and snorkelling available. Or how about adventuring through the world’s oldest rainforest? If neither of those options sounds good you can even spend a couple of days trying some zip lining, sailing, kayaking, and so much more.

There are also some of the most beautiful accommodations to set up you and your team very well. You are pretty much guaranteed an amazing time while visiting this seriously stunning destination. What are you waiting for?


Relaxing on the water, rocking back and forth in the gentle waves, cold beer in hand, enjoying the sun and some laughs with your colleagues. Fishing is highly underrated when it comes to corporate bonding. However, it can lead to some of the best memories and inside jokes. Plus, if you get lucky during the day, you will be devouring a delicious fresh seafood dinner in the evening.

fly fishing new zealand

Fly fishing New Zealand

If you are looking for a more extensive bonding experience you can turn it into a whole weekend fishing getaway. Fishing at Port Lincoln will offer some of the world’s best fishing and is right in your home country. Or how about trying your hand at some fly fishing. Take the weekend and head to one of the best fishing experiences you could get, fly fishing in New Zealand. You will never have a better corporate getaway than laughing at each other trying to learn how to fly fish together.

State of Origin

How about attending one of the world’s most talked about rugby games? The State of Origin series has become world famous and it is right in your backyard. You can buy tickets to one of the games and organize your own transportation and accommodation. Or you can check out some all-inclusive packages that are meant for corporate experiences to make your life a bit easier. Simply choose from the first State of Origin game or the second State of Origin, show up, and be guaranteed an amazing couple of days. Even if not everyone in your office is a major rugby fan, the atmosphere of a sports game can bring out some of the greatest times. 

NRL Grand Final

If you love the idea of attending a sports game with your colleagues but can’t make it out in the summer for the State of Origin, why not get some NRL Grand Final tickets for the match in October? It is also one of Australia’s most popular sporting events and is even one of the most attended in the world. People are going crazy for the National Rugby League right now. Last year’s attendance ranked the highest in NRL history.

Just imagine you and your team going to some great Sydney spots, staying at a nice hotel and topping it off with one of the most unreal rugby matches you will ever see. The NRL could be the perfect place for you and your team or clients to bond.


Last but certainly not least, why not dabble in one of Australia’s most famous sports, surfing. You can make it either one day of fun or an entire weekend. There are so many amazing beaches to choose from too, the options are almost limitless.

Whether you have never surfed before or you used to think of your board as a third leg, surfing sessions are some of the most exhilarating, physically and mentally challenging, and overall rewarding experiences. Especially for your colleagues who may have gotten “too used” to sitting behind a desk working their butt off every day for you and your company. What better way to let off steam than some time spent trying to catch waves in the brilliant ocean with the people you spend around forty hours every week with.

Time to Start Booking

There is no doubt that if you are able to do any of these experiences with your colleagues or clients, they will absolutely love you and your company forever. These are the type of real activities that can bond people for life.“Do you remember when we went to the Grand Prix and you got an autograph from the winner? That was amazing! Oh, and remember when Sarah almost got to sit in the car? So cool! Can’t wait for our next outing all together.” How great is that? You have done it. You have created the ultimate corporate experience. Now all that is left is for you to actually go and do it!
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