Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit gets a facelift!

As the world adjusts to the implications of the pandemic almost everyone has had to re-think how they live, operate and prosper in a more and more uncertain environment. Now more than ever, evolving and looking for opportunities on how we can improve will be central to success.

Here closer to home, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation has successfully managed its way out of the unprecedented position it was placed in when it became one of the first major sporting events in the world to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Looking back now and the devastation around the world, it was absolutely the right decision. Andrew Westacott and his team need to be commended on how they managed this difficult decision and the enormous complex flow on effects that it created for fans, sponsors, partners and suppliers.

The team at the AGPC was dealt another blow early this year when the 2021 Australian Formula 1® Grand Prix was postponed and placed at the rear of the race schedule. Now confirmed for 18th – 21st November.

With now more time to plan and and time to reflect on past events the organisers swept into action to find new ways to improve Australia’s premier motor racing event. The answer….upgrade the Albert Park Circuit. The result….a brand new on-track spectacle for 2021 that will see more overtaking opportunities and promoting a faster and more competitive Formula 1® racing.

Here’s a brief overview of the planned modifications to Melbourne’s Formula 1® Grand Prix:

Turn 1: The corner is to be widened by 2.5 metres on the drivers right.

Turn 3: The corner is to be widened by 4 metres on the drivers right.

Turn 6: This corner is to be widened by 7.5 meters on the drivers right.

Turns 9 & 10: This chicane is being removed to create the opportunity for a 4th DRS zone.

Turn 13: Ross Gregory Drive is to be realigned and Lakeside Drive is to be extended slightly to create a more tightened corner. Corner is also to be widened to the drivers right along with a camber adjustment.

Turn 15: A 3.5 metre widening to the drivers right and a camber adjustment.

Pit Lane: Widened by 2 metres (completed in 2020).

The planned improvements have been very well received by the drivers and looks very exciting for fans for this years Australian Formula 1® Grand Prix. You’ve been warned, book as soon as you’re able as the interest for 2021 is huge. Register your interest for our 2021 Melbourne Formula® Grand Prix packages.

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