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As King Island’s golfing profile gains more momentum following Cape Wickham golf course being recently ranked as Australia’s 3rd best golf course (Golf Digest), golfers a regularly looking to make their way to the remote Bass Straight island. Getting to and from King Island cheaply has it challenges, so here are some valuable logistical insights to make your planning a little easier.

In this article we thought we would only cover Commercial Airlines that have regular flight schedules to and from King Island and not the private charter sector, for which there are many. The three Commercial Airlines include Sharp Airlines, King Island Air and Regional Express. Here is a brief analysis of each option and the key aspects to consider when planning your golf trip to King Island.



Sharp Airlines King Island Air Regional Express
Departs Essendon Airport Morrabbin Airport Tullamarine Airport
Baggage Limit 21kg 15kg 15kg
Flight Time 45 mins 60 mins 55 mins
Car Parking $8 per day Free Approx. $20 per day
*Return Airfares (Approx.) $430 pp $376 pp $298 pp

* Airfares quoted do not include discounted airfares and were based on departing 15th April and returning 17th April 2016.

There are a few things we want to point out here. Firstly, really consider which part of Melbourne you are staying or living as travel time to your departing airport may decrease or increase your cost therefore making one airline a better option than the other. Particularly if you are paying for a taxi!

Secondly if you plan on driving to the airport, calculate your parking costs (if applicable) for your trip and whether you’ll be splitting the bill between any of your mates. As you can see there are big differences between the three airports.

Lastly, if you plan to play a round of golf on the day of arrival, ensure you leave yourself enough time to get the course. As a guide, you’re looking at around 40 minutes to get from King Island’s airport to Cape Wickham.

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