Travel Insurance #1: The More the Merrier!

Are you in charge of preparing or planning an overseas trip with friends, work colleagues or team mates? At some stage of the planning process, the issue of travel insurance will raise its head. The good news is that if your travelling as ‘a group’, you may be in a position to save on travel insurance premiums if:

  1. You apply together for a ‘Group Cover’ discount with the insurer before you travel.
The ‘Reason for Travel’ for each individual within your group is the same.
  3. You meet the insurer’s ‘Minimum Group Size’ (as a guide you’ll generally need at least 10 people).

Our research suggests that some travel insurance companies can and will offer a group of at least 8% on each traveller’s insurance premium. Depending on the size of the group, the savings may even get more generous.

Hope this helps.

Mates’ Escapes

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