Things to Try Before you Die: Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Fishing is arguably Australia’s number one past time and has been for as long as I can remember. I guess it comes with the territory of life Down Under. After all, we’re home to the most sought after target species in the world. From the fighting Barramundi of the Northern Territory, the infamous Black Marlin of Far North Queensland to the ‘Big Red’ Snapper of South Australia, we’re really spoilt for choice!

In terms of tactics, catching Australia’s most prized species are mostly caught by using either lures or bait, so it comes no surprise that the sport of Fly Fishing is still somewhat a largely unknown concept for most here. Globally, the sport of Fly Fishing has grown in stature and today’s fly fisherman can be found catching bonefish in the Bahamas, tarpon in Florida, Atlantic salmon in the eastern states Canada and Pacific salmon in Alaska. Closer to home, New Zealand’s fly fishing profile is very highly respected and has a reputation as one of the great wild trout fishing destinations. From October to April, keen fly fishermen from around the globe converge on New Zealand to fish its pristine lakes and rivers to chase both brown and rainbow trout.

Fly-fishing’s newfound popularity can be put down to its uniqueness (no matter how accomplished you are at casting or tying a fly) and the fact that you get to experience some of the world’s most remote and pristine locations. Driving the upward trend of the sport is also due to an increase of more quality fly-fishing lodges, the friendly practice of catch-and-release, the thrill of the hunt and the rarity of seeing your intended target before the strike. Combine all this with extensive instructions and local knowledge provided by guides, it’s not hard to understand the increasing popularity of fly-fishing.

For some, the art of fly-fishing is a highly technical exercise, for others it’s the physical aspects of the craft that holds the key. However, what is clear is that all who try the sport agree that very few experiences can match casting and ‘presenting the fly’ followed by a successful hook up of a wild trout. Get your mates together, this is one trip no one will want to miss.

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